Ages 5+

From very early on students are taught to analyze and understand the music they play, not just play it. We offer a highly motivational teaching style and access to thousands of progressive music books and sheet music. All this keeps students encouraged as they learn to read music, arrange music, perform from chord charts and even play completely by ear.

One of the most common calls we get are from parents saying something like: “My child has taken piano lessons for a while but is really losing interest. I don’t think she likes being forced to play music she doesn’t like. Can you help?”

In a word: “YES!” There are so many reasons the type of teaching we do really works to engage or re-kindle a love of music….and really…who doesn’t love music if given the right opportunity to succeed?!

Teach Music They Know

When the child is allowed to play songs they already know, it makes a tremendous difference. Not only does it add a sense of motivation, it also allows them to engage their ears to help them learn. The development of every student is typically much faster because of a multi-faceted approach and creates a learning process that is fun to be a part of.

Teach Through Example

Our piano teachers love to play the piano and it shows. They don’t just sit back and comment, they get right in there with each student, demonstrating and assisting in a friendly, hands-on way.

Create A Repertoire List

We love helping every student create their very own Repertoire List, that is basically a list of their favourite songs. We do this to help develop their long-term memory, ensure songs are truly learned, and it becomes a list they can be proud of. We often tell students that when Aunt so-and-so comes over and asks them to play piano to just show them their Repertoire List and say: “Sure Auntie, I take requests!”

Keeping It Fresh

Our music teachers are never complacent and are always adjusting their approach to ensure each student is motivated.

Hide The “Broccoli” Inside The “Mashed Potatoes”

Long-term success at piano, even modern piano, requires proper technique, form, and music theory. This is usually the least fun aspect of learning for a child, so our teachers cleverly hide much of this inside the music. Sure we may ask you to learn a scale or two at home but much of the technique and theory is disguised inside the fun learning. As a parent, you may not even realize the long-term benefits that are instilled in the fun songs being taught. Broccoli tastes better in the same bite as mashed potatoes…or covered in cheese sauce, wouldn’t you agree?

The only way to truly experience Modern Piano and Keyboard lessons at the Orrett Music Academy is to try them for yourselves. Having said that, we hope that we’ve given you a peek into not only some of our proven techniques to motivate and inspire students, but also the care and passion we put into what we do. As we always say, the best teachers are those who live what they teach, and the only students that truly learn are the ones who are self-motivated and proud of what they are achieving.