Who We Are

The first inspiration to create the Orrett Music Academy, previously known as the Alderwood School of Music, came from an unlikely source.

It all began with far too many encounters with people that were faced with a sad reality. Former music students felt that they were left with not much except for maybe a couple of memorized songs, if their book was handy in some instances, and a few traumatic memories of endless forced childhood lessons.

This was a tragic sentiment that was expressed countlessly.

Music, both as a learning experience and an outlet for indescribable emotion and expression, should breathe fresh air into the minds of everyone, including the young.


Music is a gift.

The education of this gift needs to capture the magic of music before it can ever hope to truly inspire.

And so…

Many years ago, Dave Orrett, already a professional composer and performer, began teaching part-time and developing the philosophies that have become the cornerstone of the Orrett Music Academy. Dave quickly realized that his approach worked well and that it was absolutely infectious. To teach from within a full-time life of music is to teach in its most genuine form.

A loyal staff of 30 like-minded teachers, 4000+ students taught, and over 20 years later, well, the rest is history, at least for now.

Here’s What Orrett Music Academy Has To Offer:

  • 30 professional music teachers who live the life they teach.
  • A 5,000+ square foot venue crafted from the ground up with parents and students in mind.
  • 24 comfortable, fully-equipped soundproof private teaching rooms.
  • One performance room that seats 75 people equipped with a custom built raised stage, surround sound system, grand piano and enabled videography capabilities.
  • A student recording studio
  • A band jam room
  • Courses centred on what students need and want to succeed in both music and in life.
  • Group classes along with weekly events in the Orrett Stage (performance room).
  • Friendly, safe environment that will never get “too big.” We always know your name!
  • Annual student recording opportunity with a professional band.
  • Annual Student Showcase Recitals, the most fun you’ll ever have at a school recital. Just check out this past year’s SoundFest16 showcase!
  • Constant, open, two-way communication with parents to discuss every child’s progress and development.
  • An open-door policy that allows friends and family to sit in on important parts of a lesson.
  • The highest level of preparation around for auditions to ESA, Cawthra Park, Humber, etc.
  • Games and prizes to help motivate our amazing students.
  • Giving back to the community through donations to local charities, volunteering with Girl Guides, Boy Scouts, local schools, and community centres.
  • A spacious reception area for parents to relax equipped with Wi-Fi, charging ports, and a flat screen tv.
  • Students aged 18 months and older are always welcome.

When parents notice that spark of musical interest in their child, they often excitedly wonder: “How can I nurture and develop this gift? What’s my first step? And with so many choices out there, which one is right for my child?”

That’s where we come in.

Allow our team of professional music teachers to help nurture your child’s unique gift and interest. We will help walk both you and your child through the steps of getting started in music. The journey can be long but will be among the most rewarding, enriching, memorable and magical moments in the development of your child.

Teaching is our passion. Enriching lives through music is what we do. Let us show you.

“A lifetime of music, one note at a time.”

Check out our SoundFest 16 video to see what to expect!