Ages 6+

**Ages 6 + 7 are encouraged to take “Hand Drumming” lessons which are a fun and engaging way to be introduced to drumming while the child grows tall enough for full drum kit lessons. Far from a “mini-drum lesson”, Hand Drumming lessons are highly physically and intellectually stimulating private lessons that teach rhythmic ability, ear training, rhythm reading, coordination, and so much more!

AGES 7+ Drum Kit

**Whenever possible, try to combine drum kit lessons with lessons on another instrument. This is NOT required but recommended to increase total knowledge and increase the likelihood of success and longevity with drum kit lessons.

Drum kit lessons are addictive, physical, exciting and often create huge passion in young students trying them for the first time. No you do not need a full drum kit at home in order to take lessons, just a pair of sticks and a practice pad, both of which we can provide, to help get you started. At the Orrett Music Academy, drum lessons, like all lessons, combine short-term exciting musical goals with long-term technical and theoretical training from professional teachers with musical degrees and experience. Every band needs a great drummer. Expose your child to the power and precision of the drums and know you are making a choice likely to spark a real love of music!

Over the years many parents in Etobicoke have approached us asking what to do about young students who aren’t interested in traditional lessons, but who still show spark and musical interest and the parents don’t want to give up. Now, if you’ll pardon our obvious bias, I would first say that all of the lessons at the Orrett Music Academy are far from “traditional” and we take pride in having a student retention rate year to year of about 90%. Having said that, there is no instrument as effective as drums to re-kindle the love of music or engaging new music students.

Firstly, The Drum Sticks

They are a physical possession that every new student quickly owns and makes their own. Stickers, markers, paint, they all help to decorate and individualize the sticks for the student who then wants to take them with them wherever they go.

Then, The Physical Release

Playing drums releases stress and creates instant sensory excitement compared to other instruments where tone generation can take time before cool sounds come out.

Social Benefits By Playing With Other Musicians

When you play drums you can play with almost all other instruments, almost all of the time. This creates social opportunities, confidence, and adds real-life application for students.

These are just some of the reasons we feel drum lessons are perhaps the best choice for students needing a little extra motivation to stay with music lessons and even try them for the first time.