Ages 3-5

Steps to Music is a supervised class (parent not required after first class) and is taught in 3 levels of increasing difficulty and challenge (Green, then Blue, then Red). Each level has a specific curriculum that parents follow along with at home. The program is designed as a hands-on approach that puts enjoyment and fun above all else. Kids earn stickers placed on their own certificate for each new concept mastered (like badges in Girl Guides, etc.). Upon completion students proudly keep and frame their signed certificates and graduate, if they wish, to the next level or instrument of their choice.

  • Group music lessons geared specifically towards young beginners.
  • Hands-on approach that puts enjoyment and fun above all else.
  • We gently expose students to the sounds of many instruments.
  • Teachers specifically trained to work with the needs of preschool and early grade students.
  • We use colourful, memorable games to enhance the learning experience.
  • Very limited practicing expectations at first as children of this age learn best while in class.
  • We follow four core educational philosophies for young children – Move. Sing. Listen. Play.
  • Students can graduate from this program into full lessons in the instrument of their choice.

Innovative Music Classes For Your Child

We apply an innovative approach to learning that combines traditional theory and technique with highly modern, fresh, and creatively focused ideas. As a student of music, your child will be provided the time and resources to work and learn closely with our dedicated musical teachers while enjoying numerous performance opportunities to grow. Your child will also benefit from a range of diverse and challenging classes that will be available to them. We teach more than music.