2024 Mini Recitals



With this in mind, many years ago we launched “Mini-Recitals”, a low key, small audience mid-year recital for all students. Mini-recitals are a perfect stepping stone towards the much larger SOUNDFEST recitals in June.

When Orrett’s current Bloor St location was built, we included a performance space of our own. The goal of this large undertaking was to ensure we had a smaller, warm and safe space for students to perform in that was familiar. It seats a max of 55 people and those that know it, know it has a very warm and friendly vibe!


They are scheduled over 4 weekends (8 days) from mid-January to mid-February. See schedule below.


Mini-Recitals are designed as a much shorter, less formal opportunity for students to perform in front of a smaller audience in a familiar space (right here at Orrett). Students are welcome to perform even half-finished songs. It is an experience-builder and one we can’t recommend enough. It helps set goals, build confidence, and create positive memories. (These aren’t old-school formal recitals – they are relaxed and friendly).


We understand and we will ALL work together to make this as positive an experience as possible. At the same time developing some resilience in a child is generally considered to be very important at a young age. While respecting the uniqueness of each child and acknowledging that there are exceptions to this rule, in most cases pushing past our “fears” allows us to reshape how we see them, and strengthens us when we get older.

A child’s default answer to a new and unknown experience is “no”. This means it is up to us to encourage them to push past these worries. (With teachers playing a big role too!)

Countless times performers at events like this are super proud and happy once it is done and now have a life memory to build upon. It’s a big part of why a child takes music lessons…..music is meant to be shared….and our audience is as friendly as it gets! Remember as well that your child’s teacher can sit up there with them to play along or just provide moral support.


As a backup plan, your teacher would be happy to host a little show within your normal lesson somewhere at the end of January or early February either in the normal lesson room (which can usually fit 2 or so guests), or, if available, one of our larger rooms. Talk to your teacher for more information. Again we HIGHLY encourage attending the mini-recital but we know sometimes schedules simply don’t permit this.

Mini-recitals are FREE for performers and for all non-performing Orrett students who wish to attend. There is a small fee of $10 per adult guest and $5 per youth payable at the door on the day of the show by CASH or Credit Card only. These small fees cover the admin and staffing costs of putting on nearly 40 concerts. In the event that the audience attendance generates a small profit, the profits will go towards our Orrett Music Scholarship Fund. Also – NEW THIS YEAR – once you have paid once, you do NOT need to pay again to attend additional shows. (Which is the same as how SOUNDFEST works in June)

Yes you do. Mini-recitals are for each teacher only. Your teacher needs to be there to support the performance, also each teacher only gets limited spots so they can’t be taken by students with another teacher. There are also logistical issues sometimes in terms of what is set up on the stage for each show. Remember that audience members may attend additional shows free of charge and performers are always free.


Below is a sign-up form. Before completing this form we highly recommend you read the details below. The logistics of putting on 30-40 mini-recitals each year is complicated but I promise we will keep it as simple as possible for you. Please read carefully.

To register you MUST use the Registration Form at the bottom of this page.


  • Standard shows are 30-45m in length. Private students perform in the show that has their teacher. Some groups perform as a part of a regular show, Musical Theatre students have their own mini sneak-peak shows, each only about 10m in length. See schedule below for further details.


  • Unlike at SOUNDFEST, where each recital has a variety of teachers and instruments, Mini-Recitals are mostly one teacher (max 2) per show. We have assigned the number of recitals per teacher based on how many students they have.


  • You can only perform at a recital where your teacher is present. If your child(ren) take lessons with more than one teacher and wish to perform on each of the instruments / classes, you would need to complete multiple registration forms (One per class) for them to attend multiple Mini-Recitals.


  • Teachers determine what you will perform (with input from students and parents of course)


  • Students perform for free and non-performing Orrett students may attend for free as well.


  • Guests pay at the door – cash or Credit Card on file only. $10 General Admission. $5 for ages 12 and under. NEW THIS YEAR – once you have paid once, you do NOT need to pay again to attend additional shows.


  • There are no tickets or programmes. Performance order is determined by the teacher within each show.


  • The atmosphere is positive, light, and fun!

2024 Mini Recitals Registration Form