Ages 5+

Learn to play Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart and others through the traditional and respected methods established by the Royal Conservatory of Music (RCM). Our classical piano teachers for this course are registered RCM teachers. They have proven track records of achieving high results for their students through exceptional examination scores and by offering their students a truly deeper and better musical understanding of all classical music. Students taking this course have the option of taking formal RCM examinations and surveying each grade under the guidance of their teacher. We encourage students to explore the opportunity to take the Royal Conservatory of Music exams with our full support and preparation for those interested.

Please be aware that many of our students choose to combine the teaching methods of both modern and classical piano. Though your teacher may suggest this option to you, please feel free to discuss this unique and diverse learning opportunity with us in advance or at any time throughout the lessons.

An exciting option offered to all Classical Piano students is the option to learn to play on our world-class 7-foot concert grand piano.

Over the years we have seen many students try exams and with mixed results. Often the idea to take the exam came from the parent and / or the teacher and, while this doesn’t make it a bad idea, it can sometimes be a frightening experience for a child. Here are some tips to help you or your child relax before an upcoming piano exam.

Be Over-Prepared

This may seem obvious but far too often it is overlooked. Preparing a song is a big task but getting it “just” good enough won’t cut it when nerves kick in. Sometimes even just the thought of “Will I make a lot of mistakes?” is enough to increase anxiety by a lot. The cure is always to be over prepared. When you can play a song “in your sleep”, it makes it far less daunting to play it once in front of a stranger at an exam.

Do A Practice Exam

Our classical piano teachers at the Orrett Music Academy agree that this is a great idea for a lesson before the exam. Not only does it help to determine the state of preparedness a student has achieved but it also takes some of the fear out of the experience by simulating the experience before the big day.

Wipe Your Hands

When we are nervous we usually under-perform a bit as our shaky and sweaty hands shake a little. The solution is quite simple. Before and between every song at the exam, take a deep breath, let your hands fall, relax, and, if needed, give them a quick wipe on your lap to remove sweat.

Don’t Focus On The Mark

Instead focus on the pride felt in completing a grade and the experience of graduating to a new level. As parents, when you remind your young student that piano exams should not be seen like school exams, it keeps the fun in the experience. This doesn’t mean we don’t want them to do well but we believe it is important that no student ever fully associates a creative art with an evaluation mark. There is no “failing” in music. Music should be a joy and a beautiful experience.

At the Orrett Music Academy, we are proud to have prepared students who have achieved First Class Honours from Grades one to 10, but we are equally proud of every student who ever bravely took an exam. We strive to consistently improve our techniques in not only helping students achieve RCM honours but also to keep the experience fun, rewarding and as relaxing as possible.