Orrett Music Academy High Performance Program Contract

High Performance Program Contract

(For Parents AND Students)

Congratulations! Based on your accelerated musical ability, commitment to hard work, and positive attitude, you have been invited to participate in our High Performance Program.

Please take the time to carefully read through the High Performance Program Contract so you are fully aware of the expectations for the program. We look forward to a great school year with you!

About the High Performance Program

Orrett’s High Performance Program is an initiative designed to provide exclusive enrichment opportunities to students demonstrating exceptional proficiency, positivity, and potential in their chosen instrument(s). This program is for students who are interested in participating in a program that provides enriched musical training and performance opportunities. Placement in the High Performance Program is invitational and based on technical ability, work ethic, commitment to your art and respect for your teachers and peers. By promoting excellence, leadership, and personal responsibility, this program develops skills applicable to the school and beyond.

1) Nomination Criteria

Nomination is the ONLY way to join the High Performance Program. Your child’s teacher nominated them based on the following criteria because they:

  • Are currently be enrolled in private music classes (we need to ensure that everyone is getting the same base amount of musical training)
  • Are at least 9 years of age
  • Have taken at least 1 year of lessons at Orrett
  • Demonstrate accelerated musical ability (for their age and experience level)
  • Show consistent, strong practicing habits
  • Give the sense that music is a priority in their lives
  • Maintain a helpful and positive attitude in their lessons and to others
  • The family of the student has been cooperative with admin staff in keeping with our positive communication policy

A student must maintain the above nomination criteria throughout the entirety of their time in the High Performance Program in order to stay in the program.

2) Participation Requirements

Attendance: All events are exclusive to Orrett High Performance Program Students. Attendance of the High Performance Program events is crucial. The opportunity to excel comes with the responsibility to put in the work to do so. 

The following events require mandatory attendance:
  • Monthly Masterclasses led by exciting visiting artists (such as members of the TSO, signed singer-songwriters, etc.)
  • Enrolment in a High Performance ensemble and participation in at least 8 of 10 rehearsals detailed below.
  • An additional recital in our Performance Room just for High Performance Program Students on April 28th, 2024 in the afternoon. Time TBA.
  • SOUNDFEST in June. Exact days and times will be announced at least 5 months in advance.)
The following events are optional to attend:
  • An annual field trip to see a live concert.
  • A social (party) with other High Performance students.
  • Additional external performing opportunities representing Orrett at local community festivals and events.

3) Schedule of High Performance Program Events

Monthly Masterclass/Ensemble: IMPORTANT – The monthly masterclass/ensemble rehearsals are mandatory. Participation in at least 8 of the 10 is required to stay in the program without exception.

The masterclasses and ensemble rehearsals take place once a month on the following Sundays for 2 hours. Junior Group is 12:00pm – 2:00pm. Intermediate Group is 2:00pm – 4:00pm. Senior Group is 4:00 – 6:00. Please note and save the dates carefully:

  • September 24
    October 22
    November 26
    December 10
    January 14
    February 25
    March 24
    April 28 – mini recital day
    May 26
    June 2

Our of respect to the program and the other students, if a student misses 3 of the above dates, regardless of reason or notice, they will be asked to leave the program.


High Performance Recital: The High Performance recital will take place in our Performance Room on April 28th.

Field Trip: The date for the optional field trip (cost not included) is TBA.

4) Work Ethic and Leadership Skills

Members of the High Performance Program participate in the program because they are interested in training at a level beyond what regular lessons provide. Therefore, we have high expectations of our High Performance Program students regarding attitude, work ethic, and leadership.

Attendance and Punctuality: Details of the Attendance policy are stated earlier in the Participation Requirements section. In addition, you are expected to be on time for all events and rehearsals. If you are to be absent or late for any reason, we expect the student to contact the studio by e-mail or phone (leave a voice message if there is not an answer).

Ensemble Practicing: It is the responsibility of the musician to practice all the music covered in all of their ensemble rehearsals. If a class is missed, it will be up to the musician to catch up on work that was missed as class time can not be continually dedicated to review. HPP Workshops are NOT practice time. A student must show up having already learned the music they were given to the best of their ability. Your private teacher (if applicable) would be happy to help.

Work Ethic: A strong work ethic includes being attentive and participatory in each event. Musicians should strive to give full effort and energy to every program opportunity. Musicians improve in their abilities only when they consistently give 100% effort to what they are doing.

Respect for the High Performance Program: We ask that you respect your position in the High Performance Program and show respect for all of your teachers and fellow musicians, including those who have not been selected for the program.

Leadership: Members of the High Performance Program are viewed as leaders within the Orrett Music Academy community. Approximately 7% of students are nominated and many more aspire to be in the program themselves. As a member of the High Performance Program, you represent our academy. We expect you to take this leadership position seriously and be aware of how your behaviour in the academy and at academy-related events represents Orrett Music Academy. Senior students are required to volunteer for a minimum of 5 hours helping younger students in Orrett classes.

 You must confirm your participation in the High Performance program by completing registration no later than Tuesday, September 19th, 2023. This digital contract must be signed by both parent AND child.

High Performance Program Contract Agreement:
I, (The Student) have read the complete High Performance Program Contract and agree to each of the following sections:

1) Nomination Criteria

2) Participation Requirements

3) Schedule of High Performance Program Events

4) Work Ethic and Leadership Skills

I understand that failure to uphold the High Performance Program Contract Agreement may result in the termination of my contract and removal from the High Performance Program.

I understand that if I miss a 3rd monthly workshop, I will be asked to leave the program, regardless of reason or notice.

Student Name
Student Name



The cost for participation in the High Performance Program is $85 per month. For your convenience, we provide the following three options for payment. Please select which one you prefer below.

High Performance Program Payment Policy

Out of respect to the program and other participants, any student who misses 3 monthly workshops, regardless of reason or notice, will be asked to leave the program. No refunds will be provided for students who choose to or are asked to leave the High Performance Program except under extenuating circumstances such as medical reasons or family emergencies.

Scholarship Opportunity

While our current scholarship funds are a bit low, the Orrett Music Scholarship program is available for those who may find the cost of inclusion in the program a challenge. Please do not hesitate to ask for financial assistance if required to ensure that every student who has earned a spot can participate in the program. All scholarship inquiries are confidential.

Parent Information

I, (The Parent) have read the complete High Performance Program Contract and agree to the payment option I selected and the payment policy as outlined above.
Parent Name
Parent Name
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