What We Teach

We apply an innovative approach to learning that combines traditional theory and technique with highly modern, fresh, and creatively focused ideas. As a student of music, your child will be provided the time and resources to work and learn closely with our dedicated musical teachers while enjoying numerous performance opportunities to grow. Your child will also benefit from a range of diverse and challenging classes that will be available to them. We teach more than music. Orrett Music Academy’s music lessons in Etobicoke encompass our holistic learning approach.

Our main goal is to instill a love of music that will last a lifetime. Our professional music teachers provide regular verbal and documented feedback to parents. Long-term goals are never forgotten; we utilize multimedia to provide unique technical exercises, theory, repertoire lists and more. Students learn life skills that prepare them for the real world.

A fresh take on piano lessons

Modern Piano / Keyboard

This is our most popular and longest lasting course. Learn to play pop, jazz, rock, or blues through innovative and exciting teaching methods.

Fun Comes First!

We teach current Pop, Rock, Jazz, and Top 40 that the student knows and loves!

For Your Young Mozart

Classical Piano

Learn to play Beethoven, Brahms, Chopin, Mozart and others through the traditional and respected methods established by the Royal Conservatory of Music.

Holistic Learning

We include opportunities for students to perform, create, make friends, inspire and be inspired.

6 Strings & A World Of Possibilites

Modern Electric / Acoustic Guitar

One of our most popular classes, this course is perfect for students who want to learn to play their favourite songs and even as part of a band. The guitar is a versatile and creative instrument and this course is designed with that in mind.

Rock Star Status

Bass Guitar

Arguably one of the most critical instruments in a band is the bass guitar – the foundation of modern music.

The Heartbeat Of Every Band


Drums are cool. Drummers are cooler! Drum lessons are addictive, physical and exciting and often create huge passion in young students trying them for the first time.

Our Approach

Teachers provide regular verbal and written feedback to parents.

Pitch Perfect


Voice students can learn classical, pop, jazz, music theatre, or a combination of styles. Lessons emphasize vocal range, expression, proper breathing and warm-ups, as well as microphone and performance techniques.

A Start in the Right Direction


The ukulele is an excellent warm-up instrument for eventual guitar or bass lessons as it is much easier on the fingers, and faster to learn!

Long-Lasting Beauty


One of the greatest instruments for young children to learn is the violin. The violin influences students to find the right pitch using their ears and is invaluable to young budding musicians, proven to stay with them for the rest of their lives.

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