Below are answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about our annual year-end recital, SOUNDFEST.


Q: What if my child has lessons with two teachers? Do I have to register twice?

A: Yes. If your child is taking lessons with more than one teacher and wishes to perform in each teacher’s show, you need to register separately for each show.


Q: What if my child doesn’t want to perform but would like to watch a show?

A: For any Orrett students who are not performing but wish to come and watch, they will still receive a FREE ticket.


Q: What if my children have lessons with two or more teachers and those teachers are NOT in the same show?

A: You will need to attend more than one show to ensure your teacher is present for support.


Q: I’m coming to more than one show. Do I have to pay admission for both?

A: Nope! You only need to purchase your ticket once. One ticket gets you access to all shows. You can come as many times as you like with one ticket.


Q: Where can I park?

A: There are parking lots close by and (we’ve been told) Lakeshore street parking is free on Sundays (although this may have changed).


Q: How long is the show?

A: We anticipate all shows to be approximately 1.75 hours. The short shows (indicated on the schedule) are approximately 1 hour. We do ask all attendees to plan to arrive at least 15 minutes early and to stay for the entire duration of the show out of respect to all students and guests.


Q: Is taking photos/videos allowed?

A: Yes, please! Take as many pictures and videos as you like, and we’d be grateful to get copies of ones that you like! We ask that you turn off the flash for all photos and videos, as it can be distracting to the performers on stage.


Q: What kind of atmosphere can I expect?

A: A warm and positive one! Lucy, the giant stuffed lamb (and her babies) will make a guest appearance as well to help keep young performers relaxed. Those who have been to past shows know we keep things fun and light. There will be everything from absolute beginners to advanced songs. Again, the programme this year looks fantastic, like a professional concert programme! This is truly a modern, fun twist on your typical school show. We cannot wait to see you all there!


Q: When should we arrive?

A: Musical Theatre performers – call time is 4:00PM for the 5:00PM show and 6:00PM for the 7:00PM show. All other performers are requested to arrive AT LEAST 15 minutes prior to your showtime. Please allow extra time to find parking. Also, this will ensure you get the best seats.


Q: Where do performers sit?

A: Musical Theatre performers wait downstairs in a special supervised waiting area. All other performers sit in the audience in the front rows on the chair with the number that matches their order in the programme. This is mandated by the venue and helps the show run more smoothly.


Q: I want to invite friends and family. How do I do this?

A: That is fantastic! You can purchase tickets for friends and family in advance when completing the registration form, or you can send them a ticket-only purchase link by CLICKING HERE. You can also purchase tickets in-person at the front desk at Orrett or on the day of the show at the Assembly Hall. There is no real limit to guests, as the venue has 250+ seats per show. Let’s fill as many as we can to cheer on our young stars!


Q: Can I request when my child performs within the show?

A: No, unfortunately, we cannot accommodate performance order requests. We ask that guests stay for the duration of the full show. We do a lot of work to keep the shows entertaining, from trivia to prizes to bad jokes! Early departure from the raised seating unit is also disruptive and leaves performers who play later in the show with less support for their hard work. Thank you for your understanding!


Q: Can a student try their song on stage before the show?

A: Sorry, but we unfortunately don’t have time or capacity to do that. The sound crew are professionals and everything runs on a tight schedule.


Q: I brought a dessert item for the dessert reception. Where do I put it?

A: Thank you so much! Staff should be there to assist you, but generally they are placed in the back of the foyer on the table under the stairs. Sometimes, you will arrive while a previous reception is taking place and so in order to ensure your item gets enjoyed by the guests of the show you are attending, staff may help you place it aside.


Any more questions not answered above? Just ask!