Orrett Music Academy Registration Form

Orrett Music Academy Registration Form


Thank you for your enrollment with Orrett Music Academy. We are thrilled to have you with us! The completion of this form is MANDATORY for all students, as it contains important payment and policy authorizations for your lesson spot(s).

Financial details were sent to you by E-MAIL on the day of your trial.

While some of the information on this form may have already been gathered from you, we appreciate your time in completing this form.

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Parent/Guardian Information

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Student Information

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Policy Acknowledgements

The following policies have been amended for ease of reading. Please read through our full policies online by CLICKING HERE. Below are some important ones for you to review and acknowledge. PLEASE READ THEM CAREFULLY as they will directly affect you and your family. All policies represent a compromise between the needs of families and our teachers and staff.

IMPORTANT – IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND A PRIVATE LESSON – In an effort to be flexible for parents while respecting the schedules of our staff, our policies allow each student to have TWO lessons rescheduled PER SEMESTER by giving us 24 HOURS NOTICE. Semester 1 is September to January and Semester 2 is February until June. You must EMAIL your teacher at least 24 hours in advance. An additional lesson may be missed and rescheduled once per YEAR with less than 24 hours notice (as long as notice is provided before the lesson) for ILLNESS only. Unfortunately we cannot accept phone messages to reschedule a class. Missed lessons are NOT refunded, they MUST be rescheduled by the teacher who will correspond with you to find a time. Please work with the teacher to make a time happen as sometimes this takes some compromise. If reasonable and multiple efforts have been made by the teacher to reschedule missed classes and they are not made up by the student by end of June, the lesson(s) are forfeited. (Make-up lessons cannot be done over the summer). Another option to prevent missed lessons is to allow, a sibling, friend, or family member to attend a class that would otherwise be missed. Hybrid students may take the lesson online by giving just 30m notice in writing to your teacher. Please note that regardless of notice we cannot promise that missed classes beyond two per semester and one additional per year will be rescheduled. Also note that due to timing, we cannot guarantee make-ups for lessons missed during the month of June.
IF YOU CANNOT ATTEND A GROUP LESSON – Except under extreme circumstances, group lessons cannot be credited, refunded, or rescheduled unless the class is cancelled by Orrett.
SUPPLY TEACHERS – Orrett Music Academy reserves the right to provide a supply teacher while a regular teacher is ill or away. All supply teachers are approved by the director. If a student chooses not to attend such a lesson, the regular missed lesson policies and max allowances apply. While teachers at Orrett work hard to minimize such absences, experience has shown that occasional exposure to a different teacher is often beneficial to a child. When a supply teacher cannot be found in time students will be contacted by email will have their lessons cancelled and rescheduled (and this will NOT count towards the max allowable reschedules per session).
PHOTO / VIDEO CONSENT – By enrolling with Orrett Music Academy you hereby give consent for us to take photos and videos of your children to print and post at the school, use on our website, social media, or other academy related materials. We will never sell or directly profit from any said images nor will they ever be shared with a third party for any reason. We do not use the full name of any student with any photograph or video. You may opt out of this consent by sending an email to hello@orrettmusicacademy.com. If emailing to opt-out please indicate whether you wish to opt out of external use only or external AND internal use (internal means waiting room TV, certificates, and internal newsletter only) but please note that if you opt out of internal use it means we also cannot include photos or videos of your child for contests, student of the month, etc.
CARE OF CHILD – Orrett Music Academy does not assume any responsibility for the care of students or any children while they are on school premises. All students under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by a parent or caregiver while attending private lessons, group classes, and events hosted by Orrett Music Academy OR must have the expressed written consent of the Orrett Music Academy administrator present for transfer of care.
HOLIDAYS & CLOSURES – OUR 2023/2024 SCHOOL YEAR RUNS FROM SEPTEMBER 5TH 2023 TO JUNE 27TH 2023 – Holidays (ONLY the ones listed below) are factored into tuition payments. Therefore if your lesson that week falls on a holiday, you do not pay for that week and it does not need to be rescheduled. We are closed for a 2 week seasonal holiday at the end of December and beginning of January. We are also closed for regular private and group lessons over a one week March Break. We are also closed the following Monday holidays: Labour Day, Thanksgiving Monday, Family Day, and Victoria Day. (OPEN EASTER MONDAY). We are also closed on Good Friday. All of our holiday, closures, and important dates can be found on our website.
WITHDRAWING FROM LESSONS – Most challenges with lessons can be solved by first talking to the teacher, then by exploring scheduling changes if needed, then teacher or instrument changes. If all else fails and you need to fully stop lessons, e-mail us by the 15th of any month (other than September) and your lessons will stop at the end of that month. (If you tell us after the 15th, then your lessons will end at the end of the following month.) If you are on equal monthly billing, your payments will stop. If you paid using one of the year at once options, we will refund the difference. Please note that any lessons missed by the student that have not been made-up are forfeited. Lessons missed by the teacher (where no supply teacher was present) are credited or refunded.
TERMINATION OF ENROLLMENT – Orrett Music Academy works hard to create and maintain a safe, positive, and respectful environment for all staff and students. As such, Orrett Music Academy reserves the right to immediately cancel the enrolment of any student / family for reasons of disruptive behaviour, aggressive or condescending communication (oral, verbal, or written), inappropriate conduct by student and/or parent, frequent absences, repeated late payments, or other reasons at the sole discretion of Orrett Music Academy. In such rare cases, remaining tuition (if applicable) would be refunded.
E-MAIL AUTHORIZATION – Orrett Music Academy uses communication via e-mail regarding school related information. By selecting “I understand” you give Orrett Music Academy permission to send communication by e-mail to the e-mail address(es) you have provided. This is mandatory for enrolment at Orrett. If, in future, you are no longer registered for lessons with Orrett, you can withdraw this consent at any time.
OTHER POLICIES – Above are NOT our complete policies. Our complete policies are posted online on our website at https://orrettmusicacademy.com/the-orrett-experience/our-policies/ If you have any questions about any policies, please feel free to reach out to us ay any time. These policies are written in such a way to make them easy to read and understand in the hopes that you will all read them carefully.

Payment Authorization

Please reference the e-mail(s) you received on the day of your trial(s) as they contain all of the financial information for your lesson(s).

Blanket Authorization – All students and lessons in your family will be paid together by the same method of payment.
Method of Payment – I choose and agree to the following method of payment for my lessons at Orrett:
Please note that we cannot be responsible for when you change credit cards or when credit cards expire. We kindly ask you to keep track of credit cards to avoid a $25 declined credit card fee and/or loss of your spot. If you’d like us to send you the last 4 digits of the credit card we have on file to make sure it is the correct one, just e-mail us. If we do not have a CC on file we will contact you and ask that you provide us with a new one right away.
Please send an e-Transfer within 24 hours of completing this form to avoid a $25 late payment fee and/or loss of your spot. Send e-Transfer to Hello@OrrettMusicAcademy.com – password NOT required. Please note we can only accept e-Transfers for the FULL YEAR amount as specified in your registration e-mail(s). If registering for multiple instruments/classes, you may combine the amounts into one payment, or choose to send them separately.

Information Review

Have you checked to make sure all the above information is correct?

Thank you for completing the Orrett Music Academy Registration Form. We look forward to making music together this year and beyond! Please click “SUBMIT” to submit your form. You will also receive an e-mailed copy of your answers. Check your spam/junk folder just in case!