July 12, 2014

Why Are Drum Lessons So Addictive?

Just the other day a young student bounced down the stairs and ran into the waiting room with a smile. I watched as he took off his backpack and noticed two black drumsticks protruding from the top. You should have seen his face as he took them out slowly and with such pride. It was incredible.

That’s the thing about drums. Once you play them you just want to play them some more. There is something so visceral about them, so incredibly physical and enticing.

Growing up in an art school environment I remember we all believed we could play the drums. They look so easy I mean if I can tap on my desk I can play the drums, right? Oh, and what a great fantasy it was to imagine being the guy in the band with the loudest (and arguably coolest) instrument in front of him, controlling the tempo and groove of the song. I would stare at the drummer, longing to be him….that was….when I could see him from over my Tuba. Yes. The Tuba player with drum envy….shocking.

Now as a School Director, I see what Drum Lessons do for young kids all the time. I see how it has brought some kids from the brink of giving up on music to absolute renewed pride and enthusiasm. I’ve watched others who already loved music find the additional drive and self-esteem behind those drums.

Those who know me know how much I love the piano, but even now I think I still stare at the drummer.