March 25, 2017

Mini (Practice) Recital – Christian, Tak, & Andy

Christian, Tak, & Andy

  • 2:00pm - 3:30pm
  • FREE
  • OMA Students & Families
  • Recital

This is a practice informal recital for students of Christian, Tak, and Andy.

Students have a chance to play what they are working on in a relaxed environment with a smaller audience and less “pressure” than the big SoundFest concert in June.

Please note as mentioned above that this particular recital is open only to students of Christian, Tak and Andy.

Students may perform pieces “in progress” or completed in front of a friendly audience.

The first 25 students that sign up may participate.

Remember you MUST register here (click button above) to be included. You register the participants only not the guests.